I worked with Eugene on a challenging project in which we had to build a complex web portal using Oracle WCI and UCM. One of the things that immediately impressed me about Eugene was his deep understanding of web technologies. It was because of his knowledge that he was always one of the first in any group session to make sound recommendations that helped the project move along effectively. He was always professional and proved to be a natural leader. He was also always willing to offer assistance in any area and to any member of the team. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Eugene on future projects.

Matthew Jones

SharePoint Consultant

Eugene is the most talented developer architect I have met throughout my technology career. He has repeatedly demonstrated an amazingly accurate vision and understanding of where technology is heading in the marketplace, and it has made him an invaluable CTO and business partner. His ability to analyze a Client’s requirements and muster the resources to efficiently address them has continued to impress me, and I’m sure it will continue to do so.

Bradley Smith

Advisory CIO

Eugene and I worked together to provide a federated search provider to my organization using Autonomy as a backend. Eugene was invaluable asset to the project – he was flexible, adaptive, and professional throughout the whole process. His ability to produce solid, reusable code was unparalleled.

Eugene gets excited about his work, and is driven by results. I’d work together with Eugene again on any project.

Adam McKee

Senior Engineer , Netsertive

Eugene is one of the most talented developers I’ve had the opportunity to work with. I cannot recall a problem he hasn’t been able to solve nor a customer that hasn’t been completely satisfied with his work.

Mark Kruger

SharePoint Consultant / 5x SharePoint MVP